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General Attribute Development Programme (GADP)


Over the last 50 years, Board of Practical Training, Eastern Region, Kolkata is implementing the skill development programme for graduate & diploma holder engineers under the Apprentices (Amendment) Act 1961 in the entire Eastern Regional States of India. So long, the skill development programme was considered as a technical exercise whereby the Trainees/Apprentices could acquire newer skill and hand-on experience on technical tools and practices. But in today’s world, the term ‘Skill Development’ itself has acquired a vast domain that also emphasises on different attributes of soft skill. Mere possession of institutional degree by a candidate is not enough to compete in this challenging world. Industries are keen to recruit personnel who are technically skilled as well as proficient in Communication, Analytical, Creativity, Leadership and other soft skills. Alarmingly, in the present ecosystem of technical education, there is a dearth of such resource.

In this backdrop, BOPT(ER) has taken an initiative in collaboration with leading industries as well as institutes to launch ‘General Attribute Development Programme (GADP)’ to help the fresh pass-outs, apprentices, fresh company executives and leaders of MSMEs to acquire such soft skills through an intensive course module and practical training. For this purpose, a Regional Conference was held on 6th June, 2018 at BOPT(ER), Kolkata office with a wide range of participation from different industries. From this conference, a Collegium was formed to carry forward this initiative. The first meeting of the Collegium was held on 28/09/2018 where the contents of GADP was developed through a brain-storming session. The methodology of assessment was also discussed and the Collegium came to the conclusion that a Certificate of Proficiency would be issued to the GADP assessed trainees.

Primarily, GADP targets the pass out graduate students, trainees, apprentices, fresh company executives and senior executives of MSMEs who play a vital role in the development of our business environment and economy. It will be one of the Pioneer programme of soft skill development in the eastern region based on a landmark change in the requirement of HR and business environment. The programme is conducted in-house as well as on-site. The duration of the programme is 5 days (8 hours per day). Renowned experts from reputed industries and institutes would constitute the panel of faculty and the assessment would be done by HR executives of the leading industries which forms the basis for issuance of a Certificate of Proficiency (CoP) to the participant trainees.

Understanding the existing gap between the demand and supply, BOPT(ER), Kolkata is striving hard to bridge between the industries and human resource by augmenting its resources with that of available in the market. It is expected that all the stake-holders such as Govt. Officials, the industry executives and the academicians would come forward and support this GADP initiatives and also participate by contributing to it in any form whatsoever so as to make it a grand success.

An e-brochure containing the GADP details is attached herewith.

A programme calendar to facilitate registration is attached herewith.

1. Registration Process [BOPT(ER) SITE]:-

(A) Individual Candidate:

(i) Download Registration form.

(ii) Fill it completely, furnishing all details correctly.

(iii) Deposit requisite fee to the SBI Account No. - 10836424084, IFSC – SBIN0001612.

(iv) Send the registration from along with fee payment receipt as attachment to

(v) A confirmation mail from shall complete the registration process.

(vi) A welcome mail to attend the programme shall be sent to all successfully registered applicants, minimum three days before date of commencement of GADP.

(B) Sponsored Candidate:

(i) Establishments including Institutions are required to send an email on attaching a requisition letter (on their letter head) giving details of number of sponsored candidates and the date from & to (as per programme calendar published by BOPT(ER)) as well as fee deposit details along with fee deposit receipt. Requisite fee to be deposited to the SBI Account No. - 10836424084, IFSC – SBIN0001612. Pay Order/ Demand Draft to be issued in favour of 'BOARD OF PRACTICAL TRAINING EASTERN REGION'.

2. Registration Process [On CLIENT SITE]:

(i) Establishments including Institutions are required to send an email on attaching a requisition letter (on their letter head) giving details of number of sponsored candidates and the date from & to (as per programme calendar published by BOPT(ER)) as well as fee deposit details along with fee deposit receipt. Requisite fee to be deposited to the SBI Account No. - 10836424084, IFSC – SBIN0001612. Pay Order/ Demand Draft to be issued in favour of 'BOARD OF PRACTICAL TRAINING EASTERN REGION'.


General Attribute Development Programme (GADP) under National Apprenticeship Training Scheme (NATS):

Soft skills are increasingly becoming the hard skills of today’s work force. It is just not enough to be highly trained in technical skills without developing the softer, interpersonal relationship building skills that help people to communicate and collaborate effectively.

These soft skills are more critical than the technical skills as organizations struggle to find meaningful ways to remain competitive and be productive. Team work, leadership, communication, analytical are undermined by technical skills. Since each has an essential element for organization and personal success, developing these skills is very important and attributes to the overall skill development process.

The problem is that the importance of these soft skills is often undervalued and there is far less training provider for them than hard (technical) skills. For some reasons, organizations are forced to accept people not knowing how to behave on the job, how to handle the customers, how to communicate with the stakeholders. To have a course built-in for soft skills training and development, it is paramount important that the course content so designed is as per the need of the industry/organizations.

BOPT (ER) is going to complete its 50 years of service to the technical youths of the country by providing platform to undergo one year on-job training in related fields in different establishments so as to hone their skills and become more employable in the job market. Implementation of uniform on-job training program under The Apprentices Act was one of the greatest challenges faced by the stake holders for decades due to diversified disciplines of Engineering Graduates, diversified business activities of the establishments etc. Thus it was one of the biggest challenge for BOPT and other Regional Boards to standardize the Apprenticeship program as far as possible. Finally, in the year 2016-17, BOPT (ER) with the help of other Regional Boards and in consultation with industries, institutions and other stake holders and under the guidance of the Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India developed a new model for assessment and certification for the Apprenticeship program. The new model provides platform for implementation of more standardized Apprenticeship training program. The said new model has been implemented w.e.f. 01.04.2017. The new assessment and certification system is expected to improve the effectiveness of the National Apprenticeship Training Program as well as shall make the selection process far more easy for gainful employment for the trained apprentices.

It is a well-known fact that the current business growth mainly pertains to Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise (MSME) sectors. Accordingly, the contribution of MSME sector in National Apprenticeship Training Scheme is about 50%. Such establishments normally do not have organised training development department catering to the needs of the training and development of their employees viz. a viz. apprentices engaged by them. Apprentices undergoing training in MSME sectors do not find opportunities to attend classroom training programme on soft skills including the skill sets covered under general attributes category of NATS. As a result of which most of the apprentices are not able to develop their skill sets defined under General Attributes during the course of apprenticeship training. There has been already a demand from such organisations falling under MSME sector category to organise/conduct capsuled training programme on different skill sets under general attributes so that they can send their apprentices to attend the same and get them benefited at par with other apprentices undergoing training in large and organised sectors which has a well-developed and equipped training department.

It is also a well-known fact that industries are finding it very difficult to recruit human resources as per their need due to shortages of skilled human resources either freshers or experienced. The students passing out from the technical education system both at degree and diploma level not only have poor exposure to the industries but also do not find enough opportunities to learn the soft skills during courses of their studies. Non-availability of competent service providers with the course content designed as per the industry need is one of the constraints expressed by the institutes.

The new model of assessment and certification under NATS contains General Attributes and the Technical Skills as a part of development, embedded with periodical assessment. Of late, a need has been felt by BOPT (ER) to diversify its activities to the areas of organizing General Skill Development Program through specially designed capsule course for apprentices and other professionals working in different establishment and industries. Coverage of programs also include the final year / 3rd year students of technical colleges.

This diversification in the activity of BOPT (ER) is a part of strategy to enter into a new market of Services provides to the Apprentices and other Technical Graduates aiming for gainful employment and / or improving their employability and / or professional career.

Based on the feedback from the stake holders, the following programs are the most needed for final year / 3rd year students of different Engineering colleges, apprentices undergoing training in different establishments and other professionals.

Finally the programme module are designed for six Skill Sets covered under General Attributes as mentioned below formulated as a part of Skill Development Program during apprenticeship training which the establishments look for in the candidates aspiring for gainful employment. Subsequent to its successful launching, the coverage of this programme shall be increased to other areas such as Supervisory Management Skills Development Programme, Start Up for apprentices etc.

General Attributes Course Module

  • Communication Skill
  • Leadership Skill
  • Analytical Skill.
  • Multi-tasking Skill.
  • Time Management Skill.
  • Positive Attitude.

Target Group:

  • 50 % of apprentices undergoing apprenticeship training primarily in MSME sectors.
  • Students of Technical Institutions (Engineering Colleges and Polytechnic Institutions).
  • Students of Technical Institutions (Engineering Colleges and Polytechnic Institutions).



All the programs will be initially conducted in the Seminar Hall of BOPT (ER) at its building premises situated at Block-EA, Sector-I (Opp. to Labony Estate), Salt Lake, Kolkata-700064. This Seminar Room has a capacity of more than 80 participants with availability of latest state of the art technology required for conducting such programs.

BOPT (ER) is expecting its new canteen facility functional by July, 2018. It will provide the necessary support in conducting such programs through availability of the lunch, tea and snacks etc. to the participants.


BOPT (ER) in collaboration with expert consultants, having requisite expert faculties shall conduct GADP.

The course content has been designed collectively by expert consultants and BOPT (ER), Kolkata. The designed course content is now available for sharing with the industries / institutes and other stake holders for their views and comments.

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